T is for Taking Turns

A Twin's ABC Guide to Manners

Adventures of Jade and Sky book series continues. Now, at age 2 we see the dynamic toddler duo of Jade and Sky as they truly become best friends, play together, and the implications of getting stronger, smarter, and more aware of their own needs and wants.

We see the twins learn how to pay together and how to play with their toys. Also they learn that sometimes their sibling may have the toy they want, and how to share, or trade, or get it back. With this, they start to learn about their own emotions, their desire for control, their happy days as well as their sad ones. It's a lot of emotion sometimes for a 2 year old.

As parents, we work with our kids to learn to serve each other, take care of each other, be kind, be helpful. Being a twin, someone their exact same age these two are challenged with this daily Specifically how to communicate together, play nicely together and how to share.

In addition, toddlers are learning their ABC's. What a great way to go through baby manners, then to do it with the ABC's

This book is great for any toddler and parent wanting to teach some of the foundations of manners.


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