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 Follow twins Jade and Sky on their journey through life in the Adventures of Twins Jade and Sky Book Series


Happy Baby Day is perfect for introducing how a day with a new baby will look to older siblings. Experience their joyous moments from morning to night as they cherish the beauty of a simple day together. Get your copy today!

Happy Baby Day

SKU: 0003
  • Embark on an exciting journey with Twins Jayden and Skyler in the thrilling Adventures of Jade and Sky series. Join them as they grow and experience new adventures each year.

    Experience the magic of every day in Happy Baby Day, where twins Jade and Sky discover the beauty in the simplest of moments. From morning lullabies to bedtime stories, this heartwarming tale celebrates the joy of spending a day together.

    Perfect for older siblings accompanying a new baby home, this book provides insight into the life of a baby and helps prepare older siblings for the changes ahead. By offering a glimpse into what these days will look like, siblings can feel informed and confident about what lies ahead.

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