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Adventures of Jade and Sky

Adventures of Jade and Sky

Join twins Jade and Sky as they grow each year!

A new baby book will be released every year as these twin sisters grow!

Coloring, Games and More

Color your favorite illustration.  Download bows.  Join our virtual live readings and more!

T is for Taking Turns

A Twin's ABC Guide to Manners

Twin Sister Toddlers learn how to play,  share, clean up and more in this cute ABC Book about Toddler Manners

Hey Sister!  Hey!

Adventures of Jade and Sky (Year 1) 

These two sisters (like all siblings) are seeing they have a buddy ALL the time. Join them as they discover their best friend is just like them.  A great book for twins or siblings about growing in a family together. 

Happy Baby Day

Adventures of Jade and Sky (0-6 Months) 

Every day is an adventure for twins Jade and Sky.  From the moment they wake up to lullabies and bedtime, join Jade and Sky as they appreciate a simple day together.  


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