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Introducing the Twins Jade and Sky Book Series! Follow along as twin sisters uncover the joy of finding a best friend who is just like them. Perfect for toddlers, twins, and siblings navigating the adventure of growing up together in a loving family. Get your copy today!

Hey Sister! Hey!

SKU: 0001
  • Experience the ongoing adventures of Jade and Sky in this captivating book series that follows their growth and journey each year.

    Join these two sisters as they realize that they have a constant companion in each other, just like all siblings. It's a heartwarming tale that celebrates the special bond of twins or siblings growing up together in a family.

    Not only is this book perfect for fostering sibling relationships, but it also serves as a wonderful tool to teach children about their own bodies. Watch as Jade and Sky explore their eyes, ears, feet, and learn about the incredible capabilities of each body part.

    Make reading time an interactive and educational experience by going through each page with your baby or toddler and helping them discover their own bodies, or the bodies of their friends.

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